Denise Dziwak
"My desire is to help leaders flourish in all aspects of their lives, so they can free themselves of guilt and overcome burnout. So they can build wellness, purpose, and enjoyment every step of the way. I am a strong advocate for social change and work closely with NGOs such as Vital Voices Panama, Lean In Worldwide and government initiatives through open media channels to promote female empowerment and well-being around the world.             
CEO Flourish Corp (Coach, Speaker & Author)

Denise works with Fortune 500 and multi-Latino companies to support talent development and retention, D&I (diversity and inclusion) and Human Resources initiatives. Her book “Flowering in the family” is a self-training experience to design the family life that each person wants and learn to create it, achieving happiness and harmony for all involved. She has been married to Roman for 22 years. She currently lives in Panama (her sixth international move) with her husband, 3 children and 2 kittens.
"I like outdoor sports, singing, playing. I have been a yoga and meditation practitioner since 2003. Today, I combine my passion for learning with my desire to serve humanity by freeing women leaders to prosper."